Who Am I

Hello Everyone

My name is George Zacharopoulos, sometimes go by George Zach for obvious reasons.

I was born in Kalamata, Greece (yes that IS where the olives come from, Waitrose shopper, you are welcome) and I went to Newcastle to study Biochemistry.

I took years to graduate and even then I did not go back home, firstly because I fell in love with this country and mainly because I was dodging my national service. 

I discovered comedy in the late 00s and since then I have been getting more and more immersed into what was originally a hobby that became a job that had me writing this blog at 5:21am on a Tuesday morning. 

Am I funny?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a photo of at least one guy laughing, so.. yes, I am a pretty big deal.

I have travelled the world with it, to name a few places Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Spain, Amsterdam, Norwich.

Have a look and don't forget that whilst brushing your teeth twice a day you should never forget to also floss.




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