I don't know if you heard, but 2020 has been cancelled.

Something about a global pandemic. I think it's mentioned on Twitter if you search.

Anyway. Here is what I did in 2019 for you to get an idea of glories past.



16/01/19  - 27/01/19

PERTH FRINGE WORLD, Performing Greek Comedian Of The Year at Aberdeen Hotel

27/01/19 - 17/02/19 Perth Fringe World, various spots

18/02/19 - 03/03/19 Adelaide Festival, various spots

04/03/19 - 17/03/19 Adelaide Festival, Greek Comedian of The Year, Howling Owl

27/03/19 - 24/04/19 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Greek Comedian of The Year, Venue TBC

27/04/19 Laugh Factory, Dubai

28/04/19 Laugh Factory, Dubai

29/04/19 Laugh Factory, Dubai

30/04/19 Laugh Factory, Dubai


01/05/19 Laugh Factory, Dubai

02/05/19 Laugh Factory, Dubai

03/05/19 Laugh Factory, Dubai

11/05/19 Gloucester, Funhouse Comedy

18/05/19 Braintree

20/05/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club

21/05/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club

22/05/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club

23/05/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club

23/05/19 London, Comedy Carnival

24/05/19 London, Comedy Carnival

24/05/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club Late Show

25/05/19 London, Comedy Carnival

25/05/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club Late Show

26/05/19 6pm Top Secret Solo Show, Work In Progress

26/05/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club Late Show

27/05/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club

28/05/19 Warsaw

29/05/19 Warsaw

30/05/19 Warsaw

31/05/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club Early Show


3/06/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club

04/06/19 Larry Dean Tour Support

05/06/19 Lobdon, Top Secret Comedy Club

06/06/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club

07/06/19 Colchester Arts Centre

13/06/19 Larry Dean Tour Support

14/06/19 Larry Dean Tour Support

15/06/19 Blandford Forum

22/06/19 Stafford GateHouse

27/06/19 Wellington Comedy Club

28/06/19 Barnstaple Comedy Club

29/06/19 Bristol, Riproar


01/07/19 Surbiton, Josh Widdicombe Support

03/07/19 Hilarity Bites, Newton Aycliffe


Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2019 Greek Comedian of the Year at CIao Roma, 21:30pm


03/09/19 Hot Water Headline

06/09/19 Private Gig

07/09/19 High Wycombe Abbey College

13/09/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club MC

14/09/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club MC

20/09/19 Widnes, Who Dares Grins

24/09/19 Newcastle, Cumberland Arms

25/09/19 London, University of East Anglia

26/09/19 Oakham, Funhouse Comedy

26/09/19 Grantham, Funhouse Comedy

27/09/19 London, Comedy Carnival

28/09/19 London, Comedy Carnival

29/09/19 London, Greek Comedy, 


02/10/19 Newcastle, Stand Comedy Club,
05/10/19 Bristol, Riproar
07/10/19 Newcastle, Stand Comedy Club SOLO SHOW
10/10/19 Glasgow, Rotunda
11/10/19 Glasgow, Rotunda
12/10/19 Glasgow, Rotunda
17/10/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club SOLO SHOW
19/10/19 - Private function
21/10/19 Southwell, Funhouse Comedy
22/10/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club, SOLO SHOW
24/10/19 Sheffield, Last Laugh

01/11/19 Gloucester, Rugby Club, Funhouse Comedy
04/11/19 - Nottingham Comedy Festival
07/11/19 Leek, Funhouse Comedy
15/11/19 Peterborough, Funhouse Comedy
22/11/19 Coalville, Funhouse
23/11/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club Late Show

24/11/19 London, Greek Comedy Night
28/11/19 Cirencester, Funhouse Comedy
30/11/19 Bristol, Comedy Box

06/12/19 Mansfield, Red Herring Comedy
07/12/19 Mansfield, Red Herring Comedy
09/12/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club
10/12/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club
11/12/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club
12/12/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club
12/12/19 London, Comedy Carnival
13/12/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club
13/12/19 London, Comedy Carnival
14/12/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club
14/12/19 London, Comedy Carnival
15/12/19 London, Top Secret Comedy Club